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Product video VITO 60 and VITO 90

VITO 60 and VITO 90 - Cleaning of coolant lubricants, oils and washing baths

VITO is removing metal chips and foreign substances from your coolant lubricants and watery solutions through a polyester cellulose fibre filter.
Additionally the filtration process prevents the forming of bacteria and fungi.

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Design & durability

VITO is specially designed to be handy, compact, powerful and flexible in order to manage nearly every type of utilisation.
The motor manages easily to run with a power of 300-500W.
Furthermore the heart of the filtration is the filter medium.
The VITO is equipped with a 100g/sqm polyester filter fiber and 2 inlay filters which can be changed to reach a highest grade of filtration in special cases.
Additionally VITO has a very strong rotor inside the pump part - made out of stainless steel.
Even in Temperatures of 175°C (350°F) the VITO is running smoothly due to high quality parts.
Through this sophisticated construction of the filter ribs on the front side of the pump part your coolant lubricant and watery solution easily gets aeriated what leads to less forming of bacteria and fungus.

Efficiency & profitability

  • Dirt hold capacity: 1,4-2,5L (0,37-0,66 gal)
  • Filtration efficiency: 20 μm (0,0008inch) / nominal 5μm (0,0002inch) effective
  • Filtration power: up to 60-95 Liter (16-25gal) per minute
  • Cycle time: 4,5 minutes (adjustable)
  • Casing and filterbox: stainless steel 1.4301
  • Max. power: 300-500W
  • Power connection: 220-240V (100-120V),50-60 Hz