VITO XM cleans the collant lubricant and stores it in its 75 l (137lbs) tank. It provides an easy in our workplace. Like every VITO filter system the XM provides a microfiltration up to 5 µm (200µin). The optimal quality of your coolant lubricant is preserved. The unique design makes sure the XM provides highest safety at work, due to avoiding direct contact with the lubricant. After filtration the lubricant can easily be pumped back into the basin automatically.

Big Savings:
  • less tool wear
  • less personnel costs
  • less transport costs
  • less disposal costs
  • fast amortisation

Constant Quality:

  • ...of your coolant lubricant
  • ...of your workpieces
Easy Handling:
  • automatic filtration
  • fast pressure filtration
  • low cleaning effort


Filtration power up to 30 l/min
66 lbs/min
Filtration up to 5 ųm / 200µin
Particle uptake 10,7 l / 23.6 lbs
Pumping capacity 35 l/min
Tank 75 l / 137lbs
Weight 55,8 kg / 123lbs
Temperature max. 200°C / 392°F
Material Edelstahl 1.4301

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